7801 Chinook Benefits Study

Chinook Mission Socio-Economics

A Canadian-led Atmospheric Research Satellite Mission, Chinook, will advance knowledge and understanding of the atmosphere. HAL will quantify and delineate the socio-economic benefits that will result from this mission.

Chinook will carry two experiments: Stratosphere Wind Interferometer For Transport studies (SWIFT) and Atmospheric Research with GPS Occultation (ARGO). This mission will advance the knowledge and understanding of the atmosphere, providing a scientific foundation for the sound policy needed to protect the future health of the Earth. The data will lead to advances in weather and climate prediction models that are key tools to provide answers on the health of the ozone layer and climate change. SWIFT observations will expressly contribute to new research efforts to understand the role of stratospheric dynamics in the global climate. SWIFT is designed to make global Stratospheric wind measurements between 15 and 55 km and provide simultaneous co-located ozone concentration. It will provide a unique characterization of transport processes of the tropical stratosphere. ARGO will use radio occultation of Global Positioning System signals to capture atmospheric data that will be used in weather prediction models.

HAL’s study will quantify and delineate the socio-economic benefits that will result from the Chinook mission. The results will be used to inform the ministers (or delegates) of stakeholder government departments, as well as the CSA president, for decision-making and public relations purposes.

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