8017 An Action Plan for Innovation in Mississauga


The RIC Centre

In recent years, various calls for an innovation centre in Mississauga have been made, each with different ideas as to what such a centre should be about. Ideas have included establishing a centre as: a place where small high-tech businesses can access resources, programs and services to help them thrive; a meeting place for companies and individuals to meet, interact and engage on innovation issues; an incubator and accelerator that can support the development startups and small technology firms; and as an organization that can anchor an innovation hub in the city and align the region’s educational resources with business needs. What this study finds, however, is that the current innovation support system in Mississauga is already delivering on a number of elements captured by these ideas. For this reason, this study sets out an action plan that goes beyond an innovation centre per se to address factors for strengthening innovation in Mississauga as whole including ways to build a talent advantage for the city’s innovation economy.

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