Canada’s Innovation Underperformance: Whose Policy Problem Is It?


HAL Partner Tijs Creutzberg recently gained recognition in the media for his paper “Canada’s Innovation Underperformance: Whose Policy Problem Is It?”. Tijs brings attention to the fact that Canadian firms are regularly outperformed in terms of innovation. In his paper, he argues that Canadian federalism is at least part of the problem. Continue reading

7876 Enhancing Research Capacity in the Province of New Brunswick


Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour

HAL has been asked to develop a strategy that recommends: a) which areas of research could and should be a focal point for New Brunswick’s research agenda over the next decade; b) how the province can reach its research potential; c) how the province can foster an environment that is supportive of innovation; and d) how to better access and leverage funding dollars from the public and private sector, both in Canada and internationally.