Socio-Economic Impact Analysis

HAL has a reputation for providing rigorous and credible socio-economic impact assessments that effectively analyze and communicate impacts of public investments in the innovation, economic development, and social improvement realms.

  • Cost benefit analysis: Cost benefit analysis is becoming increasingly relevant at a time of financial restraint when public pressure to produce results efficiently is high. HAL’s cost benefit analyses provide a comprehensive portrayal of the social and economic impacts of public sector investments. The methodologies are both qualitative and quantitative, and draw on multiple lines of evidence.
  • HAL Innovation Impact Model: HAL maintains a proprietary mathematical model for calculating the full economic impacts of public investments in innovation and technology development. This model is well suited for national procurement programs, academic research grant programs, and major investments in research facilities, such as computers and satellites, which result in benefits to industry.

Past work includes:

  • Economic impact of the ALMA and GEMINI telescopes (National Research Council)
  • Analysis of the Economic Impact of the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure on Canadian Geospatial Industries
  • Valuation of the Technology Partnerships Canada Program (Industry Canada)
  • Economic Impact of the Chinook Satellite Mission (Canadian Space Agency)
  • Cost Benefit of High Performance Computing (Compute Canada)
  • Precarn Economic Benefits (Precarn Incorporated)

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